December 12, 2023

MH Ventures Presents Found3r Labs: By Founders for Founders

Discover Found3r Labs by MH Ventures: A groundbreaking initiative transforming blockchain technology into practical, accessible solutions for innovators and entrepreneurs in the digital world.
Introducing Found3r Labs:

In the dynamic arena of digital transformation, MH Ventures has consistently been at the forefront, navigating through turbulent market conditions to achieve remarkable milestones. With investments in over 100 exceptional projects, a deployment of $30M in capital, and the establishment of a $50M ecosystem fund, our journey has been nothing short of groundbreaking. Today we’re proud to reveal a little more information about Found3r Labs, the next great leap for MH.

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The Genesis of Found3r Labs

The inception of Found3r Labs represents a natural progression in our unwavering commitment to nurturing the crypto ecosystem. Unlike our venture arm, MH Ventures, Found3r Labs is not solely about funding or incubating ideas. It is a comprehensive initiative designed to cultivate an environment where visionary projects can blossom into pioneering enterprises. This is achieved through our extensive experience and deep-rooted connections in the Web3 domain. Found3r Labs aims to stand as a beacon, offering eligible projects an opportunity to leverage our established frameworks, thereby accelerating their journey towards impactful innovation.

Our team, composed of experienced product designers, business leaders, and leading news outlets in the space, are dedicated to transforming great ideas into monumental movements. By providing direct access to some of the most influential news outlets in the Web3 space, we aim to elevate projects from mere ripples to significant tidal waves in the industry.

Blockchain technology, in our view, is a pivotal force reshaping the fabric of economic and social interactions. Through MH Ventures, we've observed the complexities entrepreneurs face in this realm, often hindered by a lack of direction, resources, or strategic guidance. Found3r Labs emerges as a sanctuary for such innovation, especially for those navigating their first ventures in the decentralized world.

What is the goal of Found3r Labs:

Found3r Labs isn’t just observing the rise of new technologies; we’ll be at the forefront, shaping the integration of blockchain into various industries. Our goal is to make this advanced technology a part of everyday business and life, making sure it’s beneficial and accessible for all.

Beginning a New Chapter

The launch of Found3r Labs is just around the corner, bringing with it new opportunities for innovation in the decentralized world. Stay tuned for the upcoming details on our application process and inaugural cycle – an exciting chance for visionaries to join us at the forefront of digital transformation.

MH Ventures and Found3r Labs stand as a beacon for those shaping the future of technology and society. We're more than supporters; we're collaborators in creating a world where transparency, security, and community-driven innovation are the norm. Join us in this journey to mold a new digital era – your chance to be part of something truly transformative.

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