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MH Ventures is a boutique full service Venture Capital firm investing in disruptive technologies and people of the future.

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MH Ventures

MH Ventures is a boutique full service Venture Capital firm investing in disruptive technologies and people of the future with a firm diversified focus on Web3, DeFi, Fintech and GameFi amongst others.

The MH Ventures ecosystem goes beyond the funding stage as a full service VC. Within our ecosystem, we offer security audit services in addition to marketing as well as giving access to our portfolio projects the invaluable relationships we have harvested within the blockchain space.

MH Ventures is committed to the long term success of our portfolio in which we play an active role with the teams to ensure necessary network effects for them to scale in due time. MH Ventures provides cherished guidance to our portfolio companies with the incredible experience our team possesses in start-ups, tradfi, defi, media, logistics, e-commerce and more, thus allowing us to carefully guide our portfolio projects to ensure long term success.

We are passionate about the decentralized future that blockchain technology will unlock for the borderless future that we’re all building the blocks for.

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Our Team

We are veterans of Wall Street, advertising, marketing, creative, and have a portfolio of successful ventures in both traditional business and most importantly, blockchain!

MH Ventures is well placed within the blockchain community to help ensure the success of projects willing to take guidance from a team that has success within its roots! Our contacts and truly beneficial partnerships with top-tier partners allow us to successfully guide and advise our portfolio projects and place them on a path to success.

MH Ventures is committed to the success of all involved and we take a top down approach to ensure that the foundations of success are bred within!

Our Community

MH Ventures wouldn’t be what it is today if it were not for our Venturians!

Community is priority number one for MH Ventures and therefore we do our utmost to ensure that our community, along with our portfolio projects, is given the tools and opportunity for a path to success!

With our recent initiative of MH Protect, a community VC first, it is another example of our commitment to the success, safety and preservation of the wealth of our community! Claim what is yours Venturian!

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