MH Ventures Brand Hub

Our brand is for you. For our portfolio to use and build upon. These guidelines are a simple framework for those who are using the MH Ventures brand.

Logo Type

The logotype is the most important element in our visual identity. To build that recognition, the logo should always be reproduced in a consistent way. Our logo needs to be seen clearly, should never be crowded by other elements on the page, and should always have an area of clear space around it.
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Social Templates

Quickly put together announcements for your project using our easy-to-use social post templates and start getting the social recognition you deserve!
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Grey is the inherited brand color, which is formal, sleek and represents professionalism.
Our secondary palette uses shades of purple, which represents our fun and vibrant attitude towards our portfolio.
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MH Ventures’ signature font is Open Sans — completely open source, freely available and represents our belief to keep things simple, but sweet.

This is

Open Sans.