Catching up with Magpie, a stellar start to 2024!

Explore how Magpie Protocol is transforming DeFi in 2024 with seamless cross-chain swaps, strategic partnerships, and a visionary roadmap aimed at enhancing user experience and security in the DeFi Space
February 9, 2024

Magpie has had a fantastic start to 2024, making significant strides that leave them perfectly  positioned to make waves in the DeFi scene. Join us as we catch up on some of their best moments of 2024 so far, and what is yet to come!

Who are Magpie?

Magpie Protocol provides a cutting-edge solution for seamless cross-chain and on-chain token swaps. They focus on interoperability, leveraging liquidity from DEXs and bridge liquidity pools to facilitate fast, efficient, and secure transactions across multiple blockchain networks.

Magpie's unique approach, allows any asset to act as an intermediary without the need for traditional bridging, streamlining transactions significantly, saving both on time and cost. In addition to this is the fact that Magpie’s chain can be deployed and used to bridge any network to another, EVM and non-EVM included.

Through utilizing Wormhole based cross-chain communication and value swap modules results in Magpie being able to offer lower; fees, gas and slippage, as well as faster transactions.The incorporation of a Magpie’s UI removes the complexities of using traditional bridges and multiple AMMs, positioning Magpie as a vital component in the advancement of a unified, user-centric decentralized finance landscape.

The launch of exciting new social initiatives with Tide and Galxe

Magpie has orchestrated two notable campaigns in collaboration with Tide: 'Magpie Mafia's Swapmaster’ and 'Magpie New Year Masquerade'. 'Swapmaster' was a 30-day event that saw a trading volume of $54 million with over 1500 participants engaging in more than 12,000 transactions. The New Year celebration was a 14-day extravaganza, achieving an impressive $123 million in volume with over 970 participants, culminating in nearly 6 million transactions.

'Magpie New Year Masquerade'
'Magpie Mafia's Swapmaster’

'Magpie's New Year Bash' with Galxe drew in a crowd of over 4000 participants, highlighting the community's enthusiasm for cross-chain freedom and Magpie Protocol's services. These initiatives underscore Magpie's commitment to fostering a vibrant, engaged community and advancing their protocol's reach and utility in the market.

Magpie also unveiled a fresh 2024 Road Map!

Magpie's recent release of their 2024 roadmap details a year of strategic development and expansion. Throughout the year, they plan to significantly enhance their platform's capabilities, from launching Magpie Mafia Season 2 to expanding blockchain integrations and debuting their mobile app. The year will culminate with the alpha release of Magpie 2.0 and a new token rewards program, marking a pivotal advancement in cross-chain liquidity solutions and cementing Magpie's role as a DeFi pioneer.

Image: Magpie Read the Full Roadmap Here!

Securing their Users: Magpie's Ongoing Contract Audits

Magpie Protocol emphasizes the importance of security within its ecosystem. As part of their commitment to safeguard user assets and maintain trust, Magpie is undergoing multiple rigorous contract audits. These audits are crucial for identifying vulnerabilities and ensuring that the protocol's infrastructure is secure against potential threats, reflecting Magpie's dedication to providing a reliable and secure DeFi experience for its users.


As 2024 unfolds, Magpie Protocol is uniquely positioned to spearhead innovation in the DeFi sector, championing a new era of interoperability and efficiency. With its forward-thinking roadmap and emphasis on cross-chain and on-chain token swaps, Magpie is not only streamlining the user experience but also setting new standards in security and community engagement.

Magpie’s commitment to reducing barriers within the DeFi ecosystem, coupled with strategic expansions and technological advancements, signals a significant shift towards a more inclusive and dynamic financial landscape.

As they advance towards the launch of Magpie 2.0 Alpha and beyond, it reaffirms its role as a catalyst for change, promising to enhance liquidity, security, and accessibility for users worldwide. In doing so, Magpie Protocol stands as a testament to the transformative potential of DeFi, ready to shape the future of finance with innovation, integrity, and a user-first approach.

Impressive Stats Improving Month on Month (Image: Magpie)