October 6, 2023

Wallchain and PancakeSwap Integration: A New Era of MEV Rebates and Cost Savings

Discover the integration between Wallchain and PancakeSwap, aimed at revolutionizing MEV rebates and user financial efficiency. Learn about Meta-Intents, Wallchain's innovative feature that captures MEV more effectively.

MH Ventures is pleased to announce Wallchain x PancakeSwap integration:

This collaboration promises to redefine how users interact with PancakeSwap & BNB Chain which currently suffers approximately $90m a year in losses due to MEV attacks. 

The new PancakeSwap and other Wallchain integration partners now cover 90%+ of the order flow on BNB chain. With Wallchain’s help soon most of those funds will be redistributed amongst the pancake and BNB Chain community. By offering unparalleled protection against MEV attacks, all whilst extracting additional value from transactions.

Introducing Meta-Intents: A Pioneering Solution

Learn More! 👉 https://twitter.com/kyparus/status/1709610714946470019

MEV attacks have long been a concern for crypto users, often resulting in financial losses and can lead to consensus instability. Meta-Intents are Wallchain's innovative feature designed to capture MEV more efficiently by combining user transaction data and searcher backrun into a single transaction. Wallchain provides a solution that not only safeguards users against MEV attacks but also ensures that they benefit financially from these transactions.

What Sets Wallchain Apart?

EigenPhi screenshot
Learn more! https://x.com/kyparus/status/1701617830980907213?s=20
Unlike traditional MEV solutions that provide custom RPCs, Wallchain integrates directly into the protocol. By being integrated inside the transaction, Wallchain captures MEV before it’s exposed to bots in the mempool, before OFAs, RPCs, MEV-Boost, sequencers and validators. This smart-contract-level integration makes Wallchain a more scalable and more profitable choice for users and protocols.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Wallchain

Wallchain's operational efficiency is one of its standout features. By focusing on transaction-level operations and avoiding interactions with external validators, Wallchain achieves:

  1. Eliminates the need for extra gas/bribe payment.
  2. Independence from blockchain type, making it blockchain agnostic
  3. MEV extraction before any OFA, RPCs, sequencers, validators etc.

The PancakeSwap Integration: What It Means for Users

The integration with PancakeSwap is a significant leap forward. The PancakeSwap community will soon be able to leverage Wallchain's advanced MEV rebate features, thereby saving on MEV losses. This is a win-win situation for both platforms and users.

Looking Ahead: Wallchain's Future Plans

As part of its commitment to community-driven development, Wallchain meta-inents code are audited and open-sourced, the auction system is on its roadmap to be more distributed and decentralized and run by the community around the upcoming Wallchain DAO. This will allow the community to participate in key decisions, such as MEV allocation and future chain integrations and be the auction providers by themself.

Starting with the BNB chain, Wallchain is scaling its solution to majore EVM chains, which is as easy as deploying a new contract, thanks to its multichain design. 


The launch of Wallchain’s integration with PancakeSwap marks a pivotal moment in the crypto industry, setting new standards for user-focused innovation and cost-efficiency. This collaboration not only addresses the long-standing issue of MEV attacks but also transforms it into an opportunity for users to financially benefit. 

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