MH Ventures Launches Validator Service: Enhancing Value-Add for Portfolio Companies

MH Ventures, a dynamic force in the web3 investment arena, proudly announces the introduction of the MH Ventures Validator, designed to significantly enhance value for its portfolio companies.
January 18, 2024

MH Ventures, a dynamic force in the web3 investment arena, proudly announces the introduction of the MH Ventures Validator.

The validator initiative is designed to significantly enhance value for its portfolio companies, underscoring MH Ventures' commitment to supporting and enriching the ecosystems of its investments.

Enhancing Portfolio Value with MH Ventures Validator:

1. Strategic Cost Reduction: The MH Ventures Validator offers a remarkably low validator fee, presenting an opportunity for MH Ventures to substantially reduce operational costs. This strategic cost reduction directly translates into higher returns and increased value for MH Ventures’ LP’s.

2. Focused Support for Portfolio Companies: By providing this validator service, MH Ventures reaffirms its ongoing support for the growth and development of its portfolio companies. This move is aimed at bolstering their position in the competitive blockchain market.

3. Initial Rollout with Celestia: The service, focusing initially on Celestia investment with the native $TIA tokens, is perfectly aligned with the needs of many companies within the MH Ventures portfolio, offering support from ground up, from investor, to full supporter of the ecosystems MH Ventures is investing in.

4. Expansive Future Plans: In its commitment to continuous support and value add, MH Ventures is set to expand the Validator service to include a variety of promising protocols such as the Avail Network, Taiko, Lava Network, Privasea, Elixir Protocol, Quai Network, Namada, Anoma and more. This expansion is indicative of the company's dedication to fostering diverse and continuous support for its portfolio companies and beyond.

A Step Forward in Ecosystem Support:

"Cameron Iqbal, Co-Founder at MH Ventures, commented, "The launch of the MH Ventures Validator is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to adding value to the companies we invest in. We are not just investors; we are partners in growth. By offering this ground up support, we aim to empower our portfolio companies, enabling them to thrive and succeed in an increasingly competitive blockchain environment."

Joining the MH Ventures Validator:

MH Ventures extends an invitation to anyone interested in validating through MH Ventures Validator in the broader blockchain community to explore this value-added service. For more information and access to the validator service, please visit .

About MH Ventures:

MH Ventures stands at the forefront of investment and technological innovation in the blockchain sector. The company's investment strategy focuses on nurturing growth and facilitating success in its portfolio companies, emphasizing the development of efficient and groundbreaking solutions.

Contact Information:

For more details, please contact:

Cameron Iqbal 

MH Ventures is excited to embark on this journey with the MH Ventures Validator, setting new standards in blockchain validation and portfolio company support.