March 20, 2024

Particle Network Transitions From Smart WaaS to Modular Layer 1 powering Chain Abstraction

Explore Particle Network's mission to serve Web3 users and developers, and its strategic pivot towards a modular L1 solution, enhancing blockchain interoperability & simplifying asset management across 50+ chains.

When Particle Network was founded 2 years ago, its mission was to create infrastructure that serves the needs of developers and Web3 end-users alike.

Addressing the Evolving Challenges of the Web3 Landscape

However, as the Web3 ecosystem continues to grow, a significant challenge has emerged: network congestion. The proliferation of Layer 2 solutions and side chains is leading to a fragmented user experience across different blockchains, indicating a need for a UX overhaul in blockchain technology.

Particle Network's Strategic Shift to a Modular L1 Solution

On 20th March, MH Ventures reported on Particle Network's announcement of its rebranding towards a modular Layer 1 (L1) solution. This move is aimed at enhancing the multi-chain Web3 experience, reducing interaction barriers, and unifying liquidity.

About Particle Network’s Modular L1 Powering Chain Abstraction

Built on the Cosmos SDK, Particle Network's modular blockchain introduces a dual staking model and a universal account and gas token. This innovation promises infinite interoperability and a new standard in blockchain connectivity, combining the benefits of modular architecture with the simplicity of single-chain systems.

L1 Modules & Use Cases

Particle Network’s L1 will simplify asset management across cryptocurrencies, enabling a universal account for users.

Particle Network’s Track Record

Particle Network has a strong foundation, evidenced by:

A robust community with approximately 700,000 Twitter followers and over 400,000 Discord members.
Over 17 million total users, 4 million daily active users, $2 billion in TVL and nearly 10 million processed Account Abstraction user operations.

Partnerships with more than 56 chains, showcasing its extensive collaboration across the blockchain ecosystem.

What’s Next for Particle Network?

Here's the Outline of Particle Network’s Roadmap:

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