Shardeum July '23 Highlights

MH Ventures is elated to bring you an in-depth report on the exhilarating developments from our portfolio company, Shardeum, as they embarked on Q3 of 2023. Read now to discover the significant milestones they achieved!
August 14, 2023
MH Ventures is elated to bring you an in-depth report on the exhilarating developments from our portfolio company, Shardeum, as they embarked on Q3 of 2023. This quarter was marked by significant milestones, strategic collaborations, and groundbreaking announcements for Shardeum.

Sphinx Validator Network & Sphinx Dapp: A Deep Dive

Launched on February 2nd, 2023, the Sphinx Validator Network has been a beacon of success. With over 2,500 live viewers during its public demo, the network now boasts:

Complementing this is the Sphinx Dapp, a parallel testnet designed for developers and the community. This platform has been pivotal for Dapp builders, allowing them to leverage the robust community support for product testing and user acquisition. The recent release of Sphinx Dapp 1.5.3 has further enhanced its capabilities, supporting a majority of Ethereum-compatible RPC methods. Read more on Twitter!

Financial Milestones: A Testament to Confidence

Shardeum's financial journey this quarter was nothing short of impressive. They successfully raised an oversubscribed funding round of $5.4MM at a valuation of $248.9MM. This achievement, especially during a bear market, underscores the unwavering confidence in Shardeum's vision and potential. The news was widely covered by global media outlets, including The Block.

Global Footprint: Shardeum's Worldwide Presence

Shardeum's global engagements this quarter were noteworthy. Their participation in the EthCC Paris week, in collaboration with partners like Axelar, Jsquare, and DFG, was a testament to their commitment to scaling, decentralization, and more. Furthermore, Shardeum's executive team forged significant partnerships, laying the groundwork for an even more promising Q4.

Community Dynamics: Growth and Engagement

Shardeum's community has been its backbone. Expanding its reach to countries like Japan, Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia, Shardeum now boasts a community of over 800k members across platforms like Discord, Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit. Their rapid growth trajectory, marked by crossing 200K followers on Twitter, is a testament to their vision and execution.


Strategic Partnerships: Expanding the Ecosystem

Shardeum's ecosystem is now enriched by over 170 projects, including recent partnerships with names like AirLyft.One, Kalki Swap, Galacticore, and more. Their collaboration with Learnweb3 DAO, which launched a mini-course on sharding, is a notable highlight.

Explore the course here:

Looking Ahead: The Future is Bright

August is set to be a monumental month for Shardeum, with key partnerships on the horizon and a keen focus on expanding their US community. Significant advancements on the Shardeum Sphinx Dapp side are also anticipated, and MH Ventures is eager to share these updates with you.

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