October 16, 2023

MH Ventures Presents: Shardeum's September '23 Updates

MH Ventures presents Shardeum's standout September '23 updates! Explore key advancements like the incentivized Sphinx Validator Testnet and their growing global Web3 impact.
MH Ventures is delighted to present an in-depth analysis of the remarkable progress made by our portfolio company, Shardeum, in September 2023. This month has been a whirlwind of innovation, community engagement, and strategic alliances, setting the stage for an exciting Q4.

Sphinx Validator Network & Sphinx Dapp: The Journey Continues

Building on the momentum of its February launch, the Sphinx Validator Network has seen significant community participation. With 36K+ validator nodes run by the community and an autoscaling peak of over 100 TPS, Shardeum is inching closer to its Mainnet launch. The parallel testnet, Sphinx Dapp, received an update to version 1.6.0, introducing features like Network Safety Mode and more accurate transaction cost estimates.

Learn more below:


Shardeum's Road to Mainnet

Shardeum has been transparent about its roadmap, outlining key features and tentative go-live dates for both the Sphinx Dapp and Sphinx Validator. This roadmap serves as a comprehensive guide to the team's progress and future plans, and it's updated regularly to keep the community informed.

We are excited to share the tentative tech roadmap with you here:


Global Outreach: Shardeum Across the Globe

Shardeum's global presence has been felt at various Web3 events, from Token2049 in Singapore to Korea Blockchain Week and Messari Mainnet in the U.S. These events have provided platforms for Shardeum to discuss scalability, ecosystem building, and more, while also engaging with partners and community members.


Check out the Shardeum #ProofOfCommunityKorea Blockchain Week🇰🇷 in partnership with Undefined Labs.


Community Engagement: The Backbone of Shardeum

Shardeum's community has grown to over 850K members across multiple platforms. Their unique initiatives like #POCBackPackingIndia and the upcoming #POC in NYC are aimed at educating and engaging the community, especially students, about the world of Web3.


September was a landmark month for community engagement at Shardeum. They organized 23 new Proof of Community events, bringing the total to an impressive 249. These included activities in India, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Their educational #AskADeveloper series gained traction, with seven episodes reaching over 1300 listeners and featuring developers from renowned projects like The Sandbox and Immutable. 

Check out their latest episode!👇🏻


Shardeum also made strides in global inclusivity through their "Shardeum is Borderless" initiative. This program encourages content creation in multiple languages, and in September alone, it garnered 135 new submissions. This effort has expanded Shardeum's global community, with contributions from 45+ countries in 28 different languages, truly making Shardeum a global force in the Web3 space.

Strategic Partnerships: Expanding the Ecosystem

September saw Shardeum forming multiple strategic partnerships with projects like Akka Finance, Sendtokens, and many more. Their ecosystem partner DotSHM recently celebrated a milestone of ~50K transactions, highlighting the active development within the Shardeum ecosystem.


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