Sonic SVM Set to Revolutionize Solana Gaming After Securing $12m in Series A

We are thrilled to announce that Sonic SVM has successfully closed its Series A funding round, marking an exciting new chapter in its journey to revolutionize the Solana gaming ecosystem.
June 25, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Sonic SVM has successfully closed its Series A funding round, marking an exciting new chapter in its journey to revolutionize the Solana gaming ecosystem. As an early supporter from its seed stage, MH Ventures is proud to have deepened its commitment by participating in this pivotal round of financing.

Following a $4 million seed round in 2022, Sonic SVM has now raised a total of $16 million. This impressive Series A round, which brought in $12 million, saw enthusiastic contributions from MH Ventures and other notable investors, including BITKRAFT, Galaxy Interactive, and Big Brain Holdings.

With these freshly raised funds, Sonic SVM is poised to accelerate the growth and innovation of the Sonic protocol, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the industry. This includes expanding its built-in mechanisms specifically designed for game development and execution on Solana, ensuring that Sonic remains at the forefront of blockchain gaming technology. Sonic isn't just about creating games, it's about unlocking new experiences for developers and players.

Our continued support underscores our commitment to Sonic SVM's innovative vision and potential in the Solana gaming industry.

Image: @MH_ventures

Meet Sonic: The Trailblazer of Solana Gaming Infrastructure

Sonic SVM is poised to redefine the landscape of game development and blockchain integration with its innovative SVM technology. At its core, Sonic is the first atomic SVM Layer 2, specifically designed to empower sovereign game economies on the Solana blockchain. As pioneers building the scaling framework on Solana, Sonic is actively building the Solana gaming ecosystem from the ground up.

What sets Sonic apart is its foundation as the first Solana-based gaming chain, crafted with the advanced SVM HyperGrid. This technology offers seamless compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts, and a native game engine.

Sonic boasts 100% compatibility with all EVM smart contracts, giving game developers the most comprehensive on-chain game development components available. This makes it easy for developers to write for EVM and execute on SVM, simplifying the development process and broadening the scope of what can be achieved on-chain.

One of Sonic's standout features is its incredible speed and low cost. With the power of SVM, they promise that Sonic will deliver the fastest on-chain gaming experiences among all gaming Layer 1s. By leveraging the security of Solana as the Layer 1 blockchain, Sonic provides developers with a robust trusted environment to build their game logic on-chain, using native composable gaming primitives and extensible data types based on the ECS (Entity-Component-System) framework.

Sonic's core uses HyperGrid technology, allowing developers to deploy custom SVM chains that offer unparalleled scaling benefits which ensures that every game can thrive in a secure, efficient, and highly interactive environment.

Thanks to Sonic's architecture, it can offer atomic interoperability between chains while leveraging Solana services and liquidity. Builders can seamlessly build in a familiar environment using familiar validators and cluster development setups, allowing for smooth, cross-chain transactions without redeploying Solana programs and accounts.

In essence, Sonic SVM is a gateway to a new era of gaming on the blockchain, where developers and players can explore unprecedented possibilities and create sovereign game economies that are truly their own in the Solana ecosystem.


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A Tool Bag For Developers

To further support developers, Sonic offers an array of specialized tools:

  1. Sonic Explorer:  A web-based tool that offers real-time visibility into the Sonic blockchain, enabling developers, validators, and users to optimize their interactions and maximize efficiency. With the explorer, you can search and analyze transactions, accounts, blocks, and network health in real-time, gaining valuable insights into the blockchain's activity.
  2. Sonic Faucet: The Faucet ignites innovation by providing a free flow of test tokens, empowering developers to experiment and refine their ideas without financial constraints, and bringing their visions to life in a sandbox environment.

Sonic's customizable gaming primitives and extensible data types are designed to streamline development. These game-specific tools, including a sandbox environment, allow builders to create and test their games in a flexible and controlled setting, paving the way for innovative game mechanics and interactive experiences.

Meet Mirror Labs: The Powerhouse Behind Sonic

Mirror World Labs is focused on developing a comprehensive Solana gaming infrastructure, catering to every stage of the game lifecycle. They support game developers by providing a robust development platform, traffic support, effective marketing strategies, and crucial funding. Their goal is to ensure that games run smoothly and developers have everything they need to succeed.

Founded just two years ago, Mirror World Labs, is championing the development of Sonic SVM with the mission is to expand the possibilities of gaming within the Solana ecosystem. This includes everything from Web2 and Web3 login methods, NFT marketplace and wallet integrations, to an NFT launchpad and custom-built rollups on Solana.

As a GameFi infrastructure firm, Mirror World Labs is committed to onboarding developers and gamers, offering the technical solutions required to create and sustain dynamic game economies.

Image: @joinmirrorworld